Our Research Interests and Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

Given our disciplinary diversity, as already highlighted, we have varied research interests. Equally we have diverse regime of corporate social responsibility activities, we have lined and seeking partnerships to enable their implementation. A highlight of these is:

1. Laboratory screening and diagnosis of cancer

2. Scienticization of herbal medical practice in the western region through laboratory analysis of identified medicinal sources, development of the dosage regimens and forms, sensitization and training of practitioners 

3. Mentoring of medical diagnostic laboratories in public health facilities within the former Western Province, mainly, through provision of continuing professional development trainings for medical laboratory professionals

4. Provision of training in specialized and cutting-edge biomedical laboratory science technologies, like in forensic investigations

5. Provision of specialized diagnostic laboratory services, so as to hence timely clinical management decisions and minimize deaths and morbidity currently experienced at high rates due to delays in these

6. Help combat alcohol and drug abuse(ADA) in the community, especially learning institutions through laboratory screening and monitoring

7. Research and intervention in non-communicable, re-merging and neglected diseases


Chair of Department


Dr. George A. Sowayi

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