These quality statements for the department are rooted in those of MMUST, and they are supposed to underpin all that we do and how we do it.

VISION: To be a centre of excellence in the promotion of the quality of human health through training of medical and biomedical science and technology professionals, participation in the creation, preservation and dissemination of biomedical scientific knowledge, and development and innovation through relevant research. 

MISSION: To produce biomedical science and technology graduates who are continually competent and relevant locally and globally; generate, preserve and disseminate biomedical knowledge; and participate in the translation biomedical scientific knowledge into technological inventions and innovations and application of these to healthcare needs of the population and individuals, through research and evidence-based interventions

PHILOSOPHY: We guided by the conviction that 

1. Reality and truth exist, but human knowledge of these is not, for the foreseeable future, absolute, fixed or finale; but, rather, tentative and continually unfolding, with increasing understanding through continual advances in science and technology 

2. Human learning is an active process of construction of knowledge and meaning, formation of dispositions and development of skills by the learner through active interaction with the environment or relevant subject matter; and teaching is facilitation of these transformations in the learner by self, rather than transmission or impartation the same

3. Every human being is created with the potential for a particular vocation in life and education is meant to enable discovery of the vocations foster development of the competence or capacity for actualizing the potential through provision of appropriate learning environments and resources

4. Worthwhile education is one that promotes the interests of the leaner, while it fosters his/her development for usefulness to contemporary, future local global human community

Chair of Department


Dr. George A. Sowayi

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