School of Public Health,Biomedical Sciences and Technology was formally called School of Health Sciences. It was renamed when School of Medicine was established in January 2014. The School consists of five departments namely: Medical Laboratory Sciences; Health Professions (Medical Education); Health Promotion and Spots Science; Nutritional Sciences and Optometry and Vision Science.


To be a center of excellence in training, research, development and innovation in biomedical science and technology


To provide relevant and recognized integrated training, research, innovation in biomedical science and technology in the development and provision of health services to local, regional and international community


Training undergraduate and graduate students in biomedical sciences and technology

Offering integrated training of students from other departments

Planning and implementing training programmes in biomedical science and technology for health workers

Integrating research, innovation and development in biomedical science

Participation in formulation and development of policies in biomedical sciences & technology and health

Networking, collaborating and conducting joint research, exchange of staff and students, with academic, research institutions, and organizations

Collaboration, consultancy and linkages with industries in biomedical sciences & technology and health.

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