The department is tasked with training in basic biomedical sciences and technology and teaching of basic biomedical science courses to all health-related academic programs in MMUST. These disciplines comprise the first three years of the 6-year undergraduate medicine (MBChB) degree program, slated to commence anytime during the university’s next academic year. Accordingly, its academic sections currently are: Medical Immunology; Medical Parasitology & Vector Biology; Cell, Molecular and Medical Biotechnology; Forensic Sciences and Technology; Pharmacology and Phytomedicine, Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, and Population Health and Epidemiology, Histopathology and Cytopathology, Hematology and Blood Transfusion Science, Medical Biochemistry, Chemical Pathology, Medical Microbiology, Human Anatomy, and Medical Physiology.]

As evident from the summary of the background of the department, Medical Laboratory Sciences at MMUST is still young. Therefore we have youthful, professionally young staff, the majority of whom are at advanced stages of their PhD studies in their respective disciplines of specialization. Their personal profiles are detailed below in their curriculum vitae.

Academic Staff

Prof. Charles Mutai

Dr. Raphael Omusebe Ondondo

Mr. George Alubokho Sowayi

Mr. Dinda Victor

Dr. Evans Raballa

Mr. Mustafa Barasa

Mrs. Christine Ludwin Wanjala

Mr. Fidelis Mambo

Dr. Tom Were

Mr. Robin Omedo

Mr. James Robert Wakungwi Sakwa

Ms. Sabella Kiprono








Mr. Shaviya Nathan                             

Mr. Gabriel Mukoya

Mrs. Sarah Muyonga

Mr. Wamalwa Ronald

Mrs. Jayne Munyao

Mr. Samwel Kibaru

Mrs. Gladys Esendi

Mr. Sammy Kimoloi












Chair of Department


Dr. George A. Sowayi

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